GPS tracking

  •     No expensive hardware needed
  •     Use any iOS or Android device
  •     Google Maps integration
  •     See your team and jobs on a map
  •     Create reports to view location data
  •     Low-battery usage design
Full visibility over field staff

As a business owner or administrator, you can only manage your team based on the data you have. From the office, you can log into 4protech and see the location of each field tech on a map.

No need for new, expensive hardware

Some field management solutions try to get you to buy special, expensive equipment for GPS tracking. With 4protech your team will just use the smartphones they already have for accurate, up-to-date location tracking.

GPS-stamped Start in and Start End

Timestamped, location-stamped clock in and clock out for each job means you have an audit trail of where your techs were to increase efficiency. By tracking the location of your field staff before, during and after every job, you can provide better customer service.

Generate location based reports

With our GPS tracking, you can also generate reports to learn more about the geographical regions where most of your jobs and revenue are generated for future marketing efforts.

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